Wow! I Feel Better When I Do That!

Need to take better care of yourself? I’ve been polling busy professionals and parents, asking, “What do you to take care of yourself?” The most common answer: “Unfortunately, not enough.” However, I have been able to collect a few gems. Here are some of my favorites:

Hang out with friends
    “My friends keep me sane. When I make time to get together and socialize, I always feel better.”

    “ I take every opportunity to laugh. With my kids, my co-workers, and my friends. Nothing is better than a good laugh.”

Take a mini road trip on the weekend
    “About once a month, we load up in the car and take off driving, just to see what we can discover. It’s fun to meet new people outside our everyday lives.”

Talk it through
    “I call my sister and my best friend every weekend, and we just talk. Usually for an hour or two. It’s good to stay connected and we catch up on everything we miss by living far apart.”

    “I hug everybody. I say it’s because they might need a hug today, but mostly, I do it for me.”

Let it go
    “I try not to hold any grudges. Nothing is worth the bad feeling I get when I’m angry and can’t stop arguing with someone in my head.

Schedule a half-day
    “Twice a month. I schedule half a day off work to take care of what ever is stressing me out. This month, I will probably do some holiday shopping. Last month, I slept in one day and cleaned out my closet another. This is the best way I have found to lower my stress.”

Protect family time
    “I try to have family dinner every night. I also try to get to all my kids important school activities. I think putting the kids first lowers my stress and theirs.”

Plug in my device in the other room
    “Plug in the smart phone in the other room, with the volume off. That way I don’t keep picking it up and checking my email while I’m trying to enjoy time at home.”

Take a leisurely walk
    “Every morning, I take a walk. I try to walk for at least 20 minutes, and occasionally I can walk for an hour or more. Connecting with nature clears my mind and keeps me mentally and physically healthy.”

Leave the housework until tomorrow
    “I usually like my house pretty clean. But once in a while, I just leave the dishes until morning. It’s a way of giving myself a night off.”

Ask for help
    “Learning when to ask for help has been the best thing I have done to take care of myself. I can’t do it all on my own.”

Got to church
    “I sometimes work on Sundays, but I try to make to church with my kids. That’s the best way I know to stay centered.”

    “I know I need to exercise every day. That’s what keeps me sane.”

Go to bed early
    “We finally just quit trying to stay up and watch TV after the kids go to bed. It wasn’t worth it. Now we go to bed at 9:00 when we put the kids to bed, and we both feel a lot better.”

Eat lean meat and fresh veggies
    “The best way I can take care of myself is by cutting out the junk food. When I eat fresh veggies and lean meat, I have more energy and my mood is always better.”

Drink more fluids
    “I feel better when I drink more water. Staying hydrated makes me feel better all day.”

Lay off the caffeine
    “I try to lay off the caffeine. Too much, and I’m a grouch who can’t sleep.”


Posted on November 9, 2015 .