Parents and Kids Can Mindfully Unwind Together

Our lives are overfull. Even when we sit down to “relax,” our homes are filled with artificial noise and light. Screens are bright with intrusions that constantly flood our brains.

If your life needs a little quiet, try these family friendly steps to mindfully unwind:

1.    Turn off the TV
2.    Put down the smart phone
3.    Turn down the lights
4.    Quiet the chatter in your mind
5.    Check in with all 5 senses
6.    Notice your breathing. Count the number of seconds you take to breathe in, and then the number you breathe out.


1.    Put on your walking shoes
2.    Head outside into nature
3.    Stop and look up. Notice what you see.
4.    Stop and look down. Notice that too.
5.    Find a tiny bug and watch how it moves
6.    Listen to the outdoor sounds and wonder what makes them

Posted on July 27, 2015 .