7 Things Worth Accepting

We don't always get to be in control. Sometimes the healthiest way to cope is to simply accept that things are as they are. 

7 Things we are all better off accepting: 

1.   Obstacles. 

You may set out on the road hoping to encounter as few obstacles as possible, making everything run smoothly. Whether it's traffic on your way to work, or unanticipated glitches that make it difficult to accomplish what needs to be done, unforeseen obstacles can be the source of a great deal of frustration. Accepting, or even expecting, obstacles in your path can alleviate all kinds of frustration & free you up to enjoy the journey. 

2.  Mistakes.

Mistakes are bound to happen. None of us can be perfect. Whether they are your own, or other peoples', accepting mistakes as a normal part of life keeps you from becoming a rigid perfectionist. 

3.  Your parents.

A common theme in counseling therapy is coping with problems from the past that still plague us. Sometimes childhood family life is hurtful and adults have much to sort out about their childhood family and parents. But it's important to accept that parents were (and are) human, and that we can't change how they were back then or who they are today. 

4.  Your own limitations.

No one can know everything, do everything, or be the best at everything. In some arena, every one of us is bound to shine, but elsewhere we will all fall short. Accepting your limitations will help you develop your strengths & cope with your weaknesses. 

5.  The past.

Errors in judgment, bad relationships, or just unfortunate mishaps, all of the past is behind us and therefore unchangeable. None of us can go back and change the past, and although we may have psychological work to do in order to sort out our emotions about the past, what is over and done cannot be re-written. 

6.  Differences of opinion.

There are as many opinions as there are people. It's pointless to fret or argue about discrepancies between our opinions and the opinions of others. 

7.  Change.

Things change. That's just the way it is. Accepting change makes life easier.


Posted on September 21, 2015 .