Alone Time

I don’t get a lot of time alone. I’m a doctor, an owner of two clinical practices, a Mom, wife, dog person, and as such, there’s always someone around. On the rare occasion I’m alone in my home, there are three dogs and a barrage of text messages barking for my attention. Someone needs a call back about a medication interaction; someone needs a scratch behind the ears. 

As rare as it is, alone time is a great value. 

Alone time reminds me who I am
When no one else needs me to be anything in particular, alone time helps me check in to see who I am at my essence.

Alone time allows me to check in on myself
I spend a lot of time, like most busy moms, like most physicians, checking in to see what someone else needs from me. A little time by myself lets me check to see: What do I need from me? 

Alone time is spiritual
Being alone puts me back in touch with all-important feelings of meaning and belonging, a feeling of never truly being alone. Even in a crowd, people can feel lonely. But being alone without feeling lonely is a wonderful feeling, indeed. 

Alone time is quiet
My life, like most people’s, is usually pretty noisy. A few moments alone provide much needed quiet. 

Alone in the office is great for focused work
When no one needs to interrupt, and I can dig deep into detailed tasks, alone time is a rare gem for productivity.

And then I start to miss the noise
Absence makes the heart grow fonder when it comes to the constant chatter and clatter of noise. 

Posted on March 21, 2016 .