Today My Son Stood Up

Today my son stood up for what was right. 


Today my son spoke for someone without a voice.

Today my son stood up and told a bully to back off. 

Today my son had the courage to face his peers and condemn racism.  

Today my son spoke for a kid unable to speak to protect himself. 

Today my son spoke out for decency. 

Today my son stood for integrity. 

Today my son embodied what we've teaching him all along. 

I have never been so proud.

Today my son stood up. 


Posted on December 12, 2016 .

Stepping in When Your Teen is Cyberbullied

Return to a simple, straightforward lifestyle. Turn off technology and head down to the park for a walk. Back away form the flurry of peer interactions, and spend time with family instead. Turn off the TV and the smart phone, and just hang out in the house, play a board game or read a book. Get back to basics for a while.

Posted on December 5, 2016 .