11 Reasons to Drop Everything and Go Have Fun With Your Kids

Spring break for a family comes as an oasis in the seemingly never-ending school year. But while kids are all too ready for a break from school, even when parents take time off from work for the week, we can find it hard to unplug from our responsibilities. With smartphones (those tiny computers in our pockets that make it possible to read emails from anywhere), we can work on days off. But should we?

Here are reasons we should all ignore those expense reports and dirty dishes, and put off the To Do list until next week:

1. Because laughter is good for our health
    From heart health to mental health, studies have long shown that having a good laugh is good for our health. And who better to make us laugh than our silly kiddos?

2. Because work can wait
    While it may feel like the office can’t afford a day without us, that’s probably untrue. The sense of urgency we feel is more about perception than reality.

3. Because we can stress again later (and probably will)
    Life is stressful enough without stressing on days off. There is plenty if opportunity to fret about work during workdays, and no value in stressing on days away from the office.

4. Because our kids will only be this age for a little while
    Kids grow through stages of development at alarming rates. We have to stop and enjoy them as often as possible, knowing that very soon we will be nostalgic for these “good old days.”

5. Because sharing time with the people we love feels good
    Family fun is a joy for kids and parents. Taking the time to go play with them give us a much needed dose of entertainment.

6. Because we’ve been missing all the fun
    Parents seem to work, work , work. Whether we’re going to an office, or shuttling kids to activities, the business of parenting is usually work. It’s our turn to get in on some of the fun during spring break.

7. Because kids need to know they are a priority
    While we are busy providing food, shelter, and clothing, we may be forgetting to show our kids what’s most important to us: them. Putting work on hold for the family sends an important message about our priorities

8. Because going to the same old places is b-o-r-i-n-g
    Adventuring out to new places breaks the monotony of regular life, for kids and parents!

9. Because we need to tune in and be present in the moment
    Kids and parents alike benefit from mindful parental presence. They need us to stop daydreaming (and checking our devices) and be in the moment. They’ll feel more connected, and so will we.

10. Because our kids need to see us take care of ourselves
    Watching us is teaching our kids how to live like an adult. We need to make sure they see us relax and include a little self-care in the mix.

11. Because after a vacation, work efficiency improves
    Work efficiency drops as fatigue sets in. So take a break, enjoy the kids, and return to work rested and ready to get more done. 


Posted on March 16, 2015 .