10 Reasons I’m Grateful This Morning. What’s Your List?

Every week, I write a blog post, and much of the content is heavy. I write about mental health: disparities in care, coping with illness, and professionals fighting for our patients’ rights. I write about parenting: stages of development, the importance of providing structure, discipline and love so kids can grow up with the best chance at psychological wellness. But today, I woke up to write and I felt light. Today I feel full of gratitude.

Gratitude is the best. Read anything on feeling good, whether written by a physician, a life coach, a religious guru, or a mom blogger, and you’ll read that counting your blessings is good medicine. Yet sometimes, counting blessings is a chore. And then once in a while comes a day when you wake up feeling full of awareness of the blessings in your life. Well, today is one of those days for me. 

Here’s my list of reasons I feel blessed on this beautiful spring morning. What’s yours?

1.    The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the spring flowers are starting to bloom.
Here in the Texas hill country, we start seeing bluebonnets this time of year. Between the morning birds that woke me, and the bluebonnets blooming on the side of the road, the renewal of spring is everywhere. I love spring.
2.    There is a sleeping dog on the bed next to me.
I sat down to write, and there is a little black dog lying on the bed beside me with her eyes closed. She’s a mischievous pup most of the time. Open the door without taking special care, and she runs off to escape the fence and make trouble in a neighbor’s yard. But this morning, she’s dosing and docile. 
3.    I received a random text message from an old friend today, just saying, “I’m thinking of you.”
Random contacts from friends are the best, and this morning I had two. But one was extra special- a friend I don’t see much, but think of often. And this morning, she reached out just to say “hello.” How very kind.
4.    Working with committed, passionate professionals.
My second morning contact was from a colleague, a wonderful, passionate therapist just checking in on the folks we mutually provide care for. Anytime a mental health professional can get a colleague on the phone to collaborate, it’s a wonderful blessing, indeed!
5.    Starting a new adventure this week and much of the work is done.
This week, my life is changing. I’m opening a new mental health urgent care/ after hours clinic, taking walk-in traffic, and trying to fill a much needed gap in the mental health community. The adventure starts tomorrow, and I’m ready.
6.    Watching while kids grow in to the next stage.
On the way out the door to school, I spotted something incredible: My teenager had written himself a reminder note and posted it one the bathroom mirror. Unprompted, unsupervised. It’s a glorious morning for sure!
7.    Laughter in the car in the morning.
I love to hear my kids laugh. I don’t know what got them going this morning, but they were rolling and writhing thunderously for ten minutes solid. I couldn’t help but laugh along even though I never heard the joke. 
8.    Lunch with a surrogate Dad.
Mentors are always a source for gratitude. For a busy professional to take the time to connect, teach, support… That one fills me with gratitude all the way to the top.
9.    Supportive people all around me.
I’m not sure how I managed to be surrounded by so many amazing people. I can’t take any credit. One by one, incredible people have stumbled into my life and hung around. Friends, colleagues, employees, and family. Wow! I’m grateful for every one of them.
10.    Health, stability, love, passion, hard work realized, and anticipation of what comes next.
Maybe most of all, I woke this morning feeling grateful after months of unbelievable hard work. Now the heavy lifting is finished, things are in place upon a solid foundation built by all the people and scenarios listed above, and the fun can begin.


Posted on March 23, 2015 .