Screen Time Is Not As Relaxing As We Like To Think


That TV series binge, or the hour spent shopping online or surfing the web- it’s not as relaxing as you think. 

When you’re stressed out to the point of overwhelm, staring at a screen may seem like a good way to unwind, but you’re probably not truly relaxed when you’re doing it. Screens are highly stimulating, actually contributing to increased overwhelm; the opposite of recharging your tired mind. 

Digital screens are stimulating for an already overtired brain. And content online is designed to grab attention and keep it. An exhausted person’s mind gets tied up in the digital content and can’t break free, resulting in higher levels of stress instead of the intended relaxation. 

What’s actually relaxing when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

  • Take a walk outdoors 

  • Relax in a nice warm bath

  • Get your heart pumping with exercise 

  • Flush your system by drinking plenty of water

  • Try a guided meditation 

Posted on September 24, 2018 .