A Moment For #Mindfulness


It’s Monday. The holidays are coming. There will be travel plans or guests, packing, shopping, interpersonal conflict. And before the holidays begin, there is so much to wrap up. Those school activities are building to their pinnacles: due dates, performances, championship games. That months-long project is overdue.

It’s that time of year where everyone looks so stressed.

It feels like everything is too much. The to do list is out of control, and your mind is about to boil over. You can’t do it all. You can’t be it all.

Take a deep breath. 

One thing at a time.

There is no crisis.

You can’t control everything.

Whether your stressor is work or family, whether you are taking care of everyone or barely able to take care of yourself, the answer is the same. Speeding up doesn’t get you anywhere. Working yourself up into a frenzy won’t make things easier.

The answer is in slowing down, stepping back, and taking one thing at a time.

Take a moment to do something quiet.


Get out of your head and be present in the moment.

Set aside the worrying.  

Enjoy the sunshine. 

Pause and just ‘be’ for a few minutes.

A few mindful moments will help you reboot. You’ll calm down, and gain perspective on the problems you are trying to solve.

Posted on November 12, 2018 .