3 Quick Ways to Cope When Stress is High


There seems to be something in the air around here for the last couple of weeks: tension, anxiety, stress. The clinic phones are ringing off the hook, and people are struggling in a heightened way. Whether it’s because of the stressors this time of year (mid-semester for students, heavy traffic, busy season) or if its the phase of the moon, folks are feeling this stress and reaching out for help.

If you’re going through a period of higher than usual anxiety, here are 3 simple tools to help you regroup:

  1. Stay on your routine - if your daily schedule includes a wake time, bed time, meals times, and maybe designated hours for household tasks or homework, stick to it as closely as you can. You may be tempted to stay up a little later for a few moments of peace, or forego your exercise routine to save time, but when you’re stressed, it’s best to stay the course. Routine matters now more than ever when you’re feeling stressed.

  2. Practice extra self care - if you need quiet time, fresh healthy food, or a small indulgence to lift your spirits, now is the time to indulge these needs. Don’t let guilt keep you from taking care of yourself when things get hectic. You can’t let your battery’s charge run out.

  3. Get out of your mind, and connect with the moment. Engaging with the moment is as simple as checking in with your 5 senses, or as complicated as learning mindfulness meditation. However you get out of you mind, you’ll find that ceasing to replay tapes in your mind’s eye, and avoiding imagining future problem you can’t solve right now, will make you deeper calmer in a jiffy.

Posted on April 8, 2019 .