7 Steps to a Rotten Spring Break 


7 Steps to a Rotten Spring Break 

  1. Work constantly while you’re trying to vacation with your family.

  2. Have impossible expectations that things will go flawlessly, and everything will come together without effort.

  3. Be a control freak. Your kids will love it!

  4. React, yell, and mumble under your breath every chance you get.

  5. Stay plugged in to your smartphone and social media. Never look up.

  6. Stay in the room and keep the TV blaring at all times.

  7. Don’t dare try anything new.

Or, on second thought, put down your device, turn off the television set, relax, and try to enjoy the time off with your family. Explore the world a bit. And take things as they come. We’re all guilty of mindlessly tuning out. It takes awareness to ditch the bad habits from your everyday life and actually take the chance to connect.

Posted on March 4, 2019 .