A Blog Post For My Daughter

You are loved.
This probably goes without saying, but Mom and Dad love you. A lot. We didn’t know how wonderful it was going to be to have a daughter. Sharing our lives with you is an adventure and a joy. 

I love to watch you lead.
You’re an amazing leader. You’re a kind includer. You’re an assertive voice for doing what’s right. You’re fair and strong and loud and soft and everything a leader should be.

You have super powers you haven’t even discovered yet.
You’re good at lots of stuff, some of it you don’t even know about yet. Sometimes your ability to read people is astounding, but to you it’s a normal part of who you are. You see in things in vivid color that escape many kids and adults. The effect you have on the people around you is potent. Some day you’ll discover this, and I wonder what you will feel. 

Keep drawing. Keep singing. 
The way you pour your heart into learning something new is incredible. Keep doing that. Your drawings are really good, and getting better every time you practice. The way you stand up on the stage and sing out is brave and bold and beautiful. Keep doing that! You’ll go somewhere.

Love your body.
Being a girl is more than being pretty, wearing make-up, and dressing up, no matter what the commercials on TV imply. You are much more than the shell you occupy. But don’t make your body your enemy. Love your body. Take care of it. Eat well. Exercise. Don’t worry about your shape or your pants size. Just love everything about yourself and don’t let the cultural messages around you interfere. 

Don’t let those boys talk over you.
Your brothers are naturally louder than you. But when you have something to say, don’t let them silence your voice with their excitement for some unrelated topic. Tell them to listen. Speak loud. Be heard.

Set your standards high.
Require that the people around you treat you with respect. Speak up to injustices. Ask for the job you want and the salary you deserve. Keep your standards high, and don’t be timid about asking for what you deserve. Being nice doesn’t require getting walked on. Not ever. 

Hold every man you meet to the standard your Dad has set. You may not know this, but not all Dads are baking cookies with their daughters. And very few are learning how to French braid their little girl's hair from an Internet tutorial. Expect the men in your life to be that good, always. You deserve it.

You’re going to amaze yourself. 
You already amaze me. You’re going to see why I feel that way in time. You are such a remarkable girl, capable of anything. See yourself the way others see you. Trust yourself. You’ll see. 

Posted on June 6, 2016 .